Zigzag Headbands Bring Y2K Flair To Hair Without Changing Your Cut
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Zigzag Headbands Bring Y2K Flair To Hair Without Changing Your Cut

Sep 26, 2023

In the spirit of gentle styling of hair without elastic hair ties snagging strands or heavy headbands placing pressure behind your ears and giving headache vibes before you even walk out the door, Y2K nostalgia is bringing back an accessory that was once considered ugly but is now a relief for those of us seeking seamless, easy looks for our locks. The looped, circular adornment made of elastic and plastic, which is as fun to stretch out as it is to wear, is back! And that trademark hair item from the new millennium is none other than the zigzag headband.

Bringing back the hairpieces known for their flexibility and variety of ways to be worn are trendsetters who are all the more iconic for spearheading this nostalgic trend, from Kourtney Kardashian wearing the early 2000s accessory with a casual outfit and sparkling eye makeup to Billie Eilish pairing the piece down in casual wear and Bella Hadid donning the style during a night out on the town, reveals Beauty Crew. There are no drawbacks to the zigzag headband making a comeback, especially as an accessory for celebrity A-Listers of a variety of personalized fashion styles, therefore indicating that the renewed enthusiasm for the headbands is an accouterment for everyone to don. Here are all of the ways that you can be creative with this simple headpiece in a design only the Y2K era could devise.

One of the best things about the Y2K zigzag headbands is how efficient they are in holding back your hair, and now that they're back, there are no more worries about how to handle those bothersome strands that just won't stay put behind a traditional headband, and we're here for it! Once slipped on, the zigzag headpiece creates a sleek, evenly designed style atop, while allowing locks to freely flow down below the band with all the volume and body to look instantly stylish and elevated.

There were a few years towards the end of the 90s that spanned into the post-Y2K era where everyone was enthralled with either solid black accessories, including the zigzag headband, claw clips, and sunglasses, or the tortoiseshell brown color palette which featured semi-translucent tan acrylic with spots of darker brown and black for a color option that could easily be found in nearly every fashionista's closet during the time period, per Southern Living. Now the zigzag headbands are back in both of the trademark hues and they're waiting for you.

As these flexible, flat zigzag headbands make their way back into vogue in modern mode, there are so many ways to fashion the accessory. If the sleek-backed combed style up front and flowing hair around your shoulders isn't your personal style, then don't sweat because the headbands look just as polished keeping your hair evenly combed back and completed with a casual or tight bun, or the classic ponytail made iconic during Y2K's era of music videos. Channel your inner spirit of Britney's high ponytails or sleeked-back hair moments, per Mane Addicts.

Just like all other blasts from the past, the zigzag headband is getting a modern makeover. Since Y2K occurred, DIY sites like Pinterest have emerged alongside virtual artisan marketplaces like Etsy, not to mention social media's global sharing of ideas. As the accessory reemerges, people are sharing their creative takes on the style via their social media platforms. Through weaving ribbons and pieces of fabric in between the zigzag design of the headpieces, complete with beads strung onto the plastic bands themselves or otherwise adhered, the innovative spins are quite impressive.

The stretchy, pointed adornment made popular at the turn of the millennium isn't just coming into the future with fierce styling in the footsteps of Bella Hadid's sleek-backed, free-flowing look. The seemingly mystical zigzag headband is also traveling back in time for the perfect pairing with accessories inspired by decades before the 90s and aughts. Worn with thick hoop earrings and a checkered shift dress, the zigzag accouterment has time traveled into the 60s before making its way back to the future. Clearly, this headpiece deserves its own time machine.

For some extra spice to the stylings of the zigzag headpiece, enthusiasts are taking to social media to show off their take on the 90s half-up, half-down hairstyle by shining a proud light on their roots, literally, and letting the zigzags serve as a dramatic placeholder between dual shades of strands. As if the return of the accessory wasn't exciting enough, social media is certainly showing the many ways this item is far more incredible than we ever knew. Plus, the zigzag stretch makes for a fun fidget toy.