Cottagecore Hairstyles To Complete Your Dreamy Look
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Cottagecore Hairstyles To Complete Your Dreamy Look

Jul 17, 2023

The infatuation of fashionistas with the cottagecore aesthetic is making a triumphant return. The cottagecore trend is all about embodying a simple, pretty, and whimsical aesthetic that marries vintage vibes with countryside elegance. A cottagecore look is perfect for someone who's looking to frolic in a field, pick flowers, throw a penny into a wishing well, read a book in the shade of a favorite tree, sip tea by the window on a rainy day, or even sing to a woodland creature or two. There are so many ways to dress the part, as cottagecore is conducive to so many of today's trends.

From toile to lace, corsets to sundresses, and layers to puffy sleeves, you can spot the distinct elements of cottagecore fashion from a mile away, and there are many pieces you can add to your wardrobe to embody this trend. However, there's one thing you can do to alter your look a little extra and commit even harder to your aesthetic: You can change your hair. While clothes may be the first thing most of us think of when we consider adopting the cottagecore aesthetic, your hair is just as important to capture the look. From drastic cuts to updos and even hair accessories, there are so many cottagecore hairstyles that you can rock that fit the easy breezy, dreamy vibe.

No matter your hair texture or cut, if you have long locks, a middle part will give you just a bit of cottagecore influence. While it is on-trend at the moment, it's also a classic way to part your hair. Moving your part to the center is one of the easiest ways to give your look a little nudge in the simple, sweet, plucked-from-the-past direction that a cottagecore look should take you. Tuck your hair behind your ears and pull your strands over one shoulder for an easy and elegant look.

Disney princesses in their talking-to-animals and getting-dressed-by-birds phases give us real cottagecore inspiration. We think that Cinderella before her chat with the fairy godmother is a whole look, and it just wouldn't be complete without a kerchief around one's hair. This accessory really rounds out a cottagecore look, and it's the perfect solution to the all-too-common good-sundress/bad-hair-day problem. Bandanas are perfect for putting off washing your hair while still looking cute. If you want to save even more time, you can snag a no-tie headband version.

Chic braided hairstyles of all kinds are true cottagecore staples. You can pull your hair half-up and braid it, put all of your hair into one big braid, or channel Dorothy with a perfect plaid pinafore dress and braided pigtails. There's really not a braid we can think of that doesn't add the perfect accent to a cottagecore look. And, braids of all shapes and sizes will keep your hair out of your face while you're reading a book in a meadow or daydreaming while gathering eggs from the chicken coop.

For a braid that commits even harder to the cottagecore aesthetic, you simply must learn to give yourself a crown braid. Crown braids are braids that go all the way around your head, and they can be used to pull your hair half-up or all the way up. They may look complicated, but all you have to do is create a french braid that moves across your scalp on either side, and bobby pin them in the middle. Leave out some tendrils, and add a few flowers to take extra inspo from this sweet and ethereal look.

Bows are dainty, pretty, and take us back to a simpler time. Consequently, they have all the makings of a perfect cottagecore accessory. There are so many different ways to wear bows, and they can be incorporated with lots of different cottagecore hairstyles. Using a bow to pull your hair half-up or adding one to accentuate your bun can be a super cute addition to your perfectly curated look. Search for bows in pastels, neutrals, white lace, or even floral prints, so that you can add to the aesthetic even more.

The cottagecore aesthetic embraces all things natural and easy. If you're going for a cottagecore look, why not rock your natural locks? Setting your natural curls free can be a challenge, and styling your curls to be healthy and full is no simple task. However, if you're someone who has yet to give up on heat-styling your natural curls or waves away and is ready for a change that will jive with your new aesthetic, take this as your sign to start treating those curls right and letting them be the star of the show.

There's something about the cottagecore aesthetic that feels reminiscent of fairytales. One hairstyle that also feels freshly plucked from a fairytale is a set of long, loose curls. If you have particularly long hair, styling it with big, voluminous curls and extra shine is an easy way to make your hair mesh perfectly with your cottagecore look without needing to make any major statements or commit to a brand-new cut. Pin your curls half up and leave some face-framing tendrils, or pop on a bow for some extra aesthetically on-point interest.

These days, there are so many cute hairstyles that you can replicate with just a claw clip, and plenty of them are perfect with your cottagecore outfit. You can use a claw clip to put your hair half up or all up in a way that looks laidback and easy. The look of slight messiness is cottagecore chic, and there are so many pretty clip styles available. These pearl clips add a bit of elegance and a vintage feel, and these bow claw clips marry two of our favorite cottagecore hair accessory elements.

There's something about bangs that allows you to make a statement with your hair that fits whatever style you're after. Bangs can be both edgy and classic, alternative and understated. These attributes go perfectly with cottagecore. Plus, there are so many styles of bangs that are extra on-trend right now. If you're looking for a way to commit a bit extra to the cottagecore vibes, cut some blunt bangs; they'll add a bit of flair to your hair.

You shouldn't cross bangs off your list of cottagecore haircut options if you have curly hair. Curly bangs are on-trend, and they're a perfect match for the effortless, natural vibes of cottagecore. Salon owner Jamilla Powell shared some key tips with Glamour: "Before committing to curly bangs, make sure you tell your stylist to cut your bangs while your hair is dry... You'll be able to ensure that you get the accurate length, style, and shape you're aiming for." Celebrity hairstylist Vernon François added, "The best way to maintain them is to trim them every four to six weeks."

Curtain bangs also give you the effect of face-framing fringe without the commitment and severity of blunt bangs. Curtain bangs are a favorite these days for folks looking for a new, fashion-forward haircut that has plenty of flexibility, and we've seen plenty of it-girls sporting them. Baby curtain bangs are trendy and a shorter option for an edgier and more face-framing look. Curtain bangs of any length are great if you want some pieces naturally left out whenever you pull your hair back.

Cottagecore goes hand-in-hand with springtime and the great outdoors. As a result, we're all about incorporating little tributes to nature with your hair to put a finishing touch on any cottagecore look. No matter what type of hair you have or what haircut you're committed to, popping a little outdoors-inspired clip into your locks will transform any hair into a cottagecore dream 'do. We love these dainty flower hair pins and these pretty butterfly clips for a perfect touch of nature.

Nature-inspired hair accessories are a cottagecore dream, so why not rock real natural pieces? From a single daisy behind your ear to weaving greenery through a long braid, there are lots of ways to add some actual nature to your hair and put a whimsical, ethereal twist on your look. If you'd rather not pick a flower every time you do your beauty routine or would prefer a hair accessory that won't wilt by the end of the day, there are plenty of fake flower hair accessories, like this green flower crown.

Headbands are another hair accessory with major cottagecore vibes. When choosing one, focus on looking more "Alice in Wonderland" than Blair Waldorf. From a thin ribbon tied around your head into a bow to an intricate floral piece, there are countless headband styles that capture the pretty, wholesome qualities of cottagecore. If you lean more toward the academia-related elements of the cottagecore aesthetic, you may even want to try a pair of fake glasses on your head in place of a headband for an utterly studious hair accessory moment.

Many cottagecore girlies consider the woodland fairies of storybooks to be the ultimate style inspiration. If this sounds like you, it may be time for your locks to undergo a serious chop. The pixie cut is named after pixies for a reason and gives off some big cottagecore energy. Besides the twee, ethereal vibes that the perfect pixie cut can give off, it's also extra-low maintenance, which means you can spend less time doing your hair and more time frolicking through the forest.

A French bob is one of the most classic cropped haircuts out there, but these days it also makes for a high-fashion look. Many hairstyles that marry "classic" and "edgy" are perfect fits for the cottagecore vibe. French bobs are all about a short, blunt cut and often include some bangs for a look that's both chic and understated. Don't be afraid to chop a French bob and experiment with pairing your fresh cut with other cottagecore hair staples, like the half-up style, bows, or floral hair accessories.

It's a secret to no one that scrunchies are everywhere these days. While this equally popular and useful accessory is a great pick for folks who are committing to the Y2K aesthetic, different types of scrunchies can also support an easy, effortless cottagecore look. We particularly love an oversized scrunchie paired with a low bun when going for this vibe. Scrunchies in lace or silky fabrics are especially great for cottagecore looks, and we also love scrunchies with bunny ears for more of that coveted vintage feel.

There's something about a slightly unkempt and loosely styled hairdo that adds to the effortless, graceful nature of cottagecore. From big face-framing pieces to small dangling strands, tendrils that hang out of your bun or braid are a super easy way to add a bit more interest to your hairstyle and commit even more to your aesthetic. Tendrils are especially simple to achieve with the myriad piece-y, layered haircuts that are trending. If you've got long hair, opt for some face-framing layers at your next haircut, and you'll have a more stylish updo every time.

A big bun is an easy hairstyle that's a go-to for many folks with long hair. Buns also happen to be a perfectly demure, understated style that blends seamlessly with a cottagecore aesthetic. Low buns in particular fit the look, especially when paired with a scrunchy or hair accessory in a pastel or light neutral color. Be sure to leave some face-framing tendrils out and keep the rest pulled back sleekly for the perfect cottagecore combination of easygoing and put-together. And, don't shy away from buns if you have shorter hair; a little bun is perfectly cute, too.

No matter what kind of haircut or hair type you have, there are so many hats out there that just scream "cottagecore." When you're about to step outside and live your cottagecore dreams, why not add a finishing touch with a hat? From wide-brim hats to floppy sunhats, not only will this accessory give a boost to your aesthetic, but it will keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes when you're lying in the grass and journalling or making a wish on a dandelion.