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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Jun 07, 2023

Learn where to find the Well-Worn Hairband to recreate Link's Breath of the Wild outfit in Tears of the Kingdom.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players return to the sprawling world of Breath of the Wild's Hyrule, experiencing all new challenges and making discoveries in its fields, mountains, caves, and even the sky. Players will also notice a change in the appearance of the beloved hero Link, who, in addition to sporting a powerful new arm made from ancient technology, is also wearing his hair down these days.

For players who prefer a more familiar look of Link from the previous game, a collection of armor has been added to Tears of the Kingdom to give players the option to recapture the charm of his Breath of the Wild appearance. One of the items in this set is the Well-Worn Hairband.

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The Well-Worn Hair Band is a purely cosmetic head armor piece that has no protective purpose and does not offer any armor. It is a blue hair tie that allows players to style Link's hair into a ponytail, an iconic part of his appearance in Breath of the Wild, and unfortunately, it is the only way to change his hairstyle at this time.

While the Well-Worn Hair Band offers a great and nostalgic look, it cannot be worn simultaneously with another head armor piece, so players cannot receive armor set bonuses or other buffs when a specific headpiece is required. It is important to note that the matching Champions' armor pieces do not form a set, so wearing all three pieces will not grant Link any bonuses.

The secret to discovering the location of the Well-Worn Hair Band will bring players to a familiar place: Link’s house from Breath of the Wild.

Link’s house can be found just south of Firly Pond in East Necluda at coordinates 3321, -2273, 0129, located southwest of Hateno Village. At these coordinates, players will be right at the front of Link’s house at the foot of a bridge over the pond.

Upon entering the house, players will find one of Zelda's diaries with an entry mentioning that she has a secret room constructed by Bolson. To locate the secret room, players need to go to the right side of the house, where they will find a well located at the corner of the fenced-in backyard. This well, known as Zelda's Secret Well, has a ladder that leads deep below the surface to a small, underground cave.

At the foot of the stairs, players will find themselves on a wooden deck next to a small pond featuring a research station area with some desks and shelves. To the left of this is an unlocked treasure chest, and upon opening the chest, players will receive the Well-Worn Hair Band.

Before leaving, it's recommended to read the diary on the nearby desk (sorry again, Zelda), where she mentions Link's worn-out clothes and her order for a new and improved Champion's Tunic. The tunic is a powerful piece of armor in Tears of the Kingdom called the Champions Leathers that players will definitely want to hunt down.

This armor, along with the hair band, are essential pieces to recreating Link's appearance from Breath of the Wild and completing the iconic, blue-tunic look.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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