The Smart Bissell Air320 Purifier Is 59% Off Right Now
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The Smart Bissell Air320 Purifier Is 59% Off Right Now

Jun 01, 2023

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The purifier is a fan-favorite and loved by pet owners, parents and people who like breathing clean air.

HuffPost Shopping Writer

Promising reviews: “This air filter is worth the money. The auto feature enables the device to detect the purity of the air and adjust the airflow accordingly. You can also override the auto feature and set the fan speed to your desired setting. On the lowest setting, it’s whisper quiet but on the highest setting, it sounds like an industrial fan — which is exactly what you want for purifying a lot of air as quickly as possible. The filter access is super convenient, making changing filters easy and fast. There is a little air sensor on the side that requires cleaning every six months but all that entails is a little wipe down. This thing is also super stylish and easy to set up — simply remove the filters from the bags and re-install them, then plug it in and turn it on! 10/10, would recommend without hesitation” — Mischa

“This purifier is astonishingly good. It says our air is super clean. A ‘3’ or ‘6’ is on the screen and it shuts down until it detects something! We needed to cut a piece of cabinet out of our kitchen last week and while we were doing that, this purifier kicked on full bore on its own! There was a slight burning smell from the cutting and this machine read 200 something with orange lighting. It ran for 30 minutes and we watched the number go down down down. Once it was down to ‘3’ it went quiet again. This wasn’t in the kitchen. It was in the living room. I was shocked that it detected and cleaned up the smoky smell from 30 feet away. Before this incident, I wasn’t sure it did much. Now I’m a true believer. It does the same thing when I cook fish. We set the filters on Subscribe and Save to auto ship every 6 months.” — J&S

“Our dryer hose disconnected and we didn’t realize it. Our house was so cloudy, it looked like we were walking through fog, and everything was covered in a fresh coating of dust every day! My husband figured out what had happened, and my daughter had just bought this air purifier, so we purchased one. Our air quality went from 999 down to 2 in a week! Now we can breathe clean air and not be embarrassed by all of the dust.”— Lori

“We ordered to try and help with allergies for everyone in the family. We also have two small dogs so trying to help with smell. After about 24–48 hours, we could really tell a difference. A few days later is when I figured out just how well it was working on smells. I cooked bacon for breakfast and most days you could smell it in the house all day long. We ate and I noticed when we were leaving about 30 minutes later the air quality was up to 18. We came home two hours later and you couldn’t smell the bacon at all and the quality was back down around 4. Our home is split level and this unit sits upstairs in the dining room, area it’s covering is about 2,500 square feet. I have another one ordered for our downstairs area also. I would not hesitate to recommend this item.” — mystery girl