The Perfect Minnie Mouse Ears For Every Taylor Swift Era
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The Perfect Minnie Mouse Ears For Every Taylor Swift Era

May 16, 2023

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While there aren’t any official Disney Taylor Swift Minnie Mouse ears, we searched the internet for the best ears to wear for each of Taylor Swift’s Eras.

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift and trying to determine the perfect way to accentuate your TS-inspired outfit with a bit of Disney magic, we have the perfect guide! Whether going to a concert, a theme Park, or just hanging out with your friends, you can show off your Swiftie and Disney side with these Minnie Mouse ear headbands that match every Taylor Swift era.

Taylor’s latest tour, Eras, explores all of the singer’s hits and styles in one epic 3-hour show. We’ve broken down every Era by album and helped determine the perfect Minnie Mouse ears to give your Swiftie-inspired outfit the ideal accessory.

This album is inspired by the ’70s vibe, with mod patterns, color-blocked wallpaper, and velvet furniture. To channel this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband with a retro look that contrasts nicely with the album cover. Since Taylor has us in a Lavender Haze, The Minnie Mouse Sequin Ear Headband with Bow – Lavender is perfect with its color scheme and disco vibe. These ears are perfect for adding sparkle and glam to your look, especially if you’re going to a party or a night out doing ‘Vigilante Shit.’

This album was Swift’s crossover from country to pop, with sparkly fringe dresses, ballgowns, and lucky number 13. To capture this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is glamorous and feminine, just like Swift’s style. We would suggest the Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with Bow – Rose Gold for this Era since they are one of the market’s most popular and trendy ears. They have a beautiful rose gold color that shines in the light and a soft bow that adds charm. These ears are great for adding elegance and sophistication to your look, especially if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt.

This self-titled LP was Swift’s debut album, entirely country and youthful, with tight curls, sundresses, and cowboy boots. You need a casual, cute Minnie Mouse ear headband with a country flair to emulate this era. The Minnie Mouse Yellow Quilted Ear Headband would perfectly match this Era. Plus, they go well with any casual outfit, whether you’re wearing jeans or shorts. You’ll shine like Taylor’s golden curls in this bold yellow Minnie Mouse ear headband.

‘Speak Now’ was theatrical and experimental, with different styles and sounds. To reflect this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is colorful and playful. The Minnie Mouse Ear Sequin Purple Headband has a rich purple color that matches Swift’s purple dress on the album cover and a velvety bow that adds some luxury and shiny sequins to share some magic.

‘Red’ was a mix of country and pop, with vintage influences and a prominent color theme. To match this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is classic and elegant and has the same color as the album title. We think the Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with Bow – Red Sequined with Pink Sparkle would be ideal for this Era since they have a bright red color that catches everyone’s attention. Plus, they are sleek, dazzling and suit any outfit, whether black or white.

1989 was Swift’s first full pop album, inspired by the ’80s pop, with glittery crop tops and a bob haircut. To rock this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is shiny and modern and suits Swift’s pop star image. We recommend the Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with Bow – Rainbow for this Era since they have a rainbow pattern that represents all the colors of the spectrum. Plus, they are fun and cheerful, making you stand out from the crowd with a shiny and modern futuristic feel.

The ‘Reputation’ album was moody and dark, with black bodysuits, snake motifs, and a rebellious attitude. To pull off this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is sleek and edgy and matches Swift’s reputation. We recommend the Mickey Mouse Icon Animal Prints Loungefly Ear Headband for this Era since they have a black color that blends in with the night, and an animal print bow adds some sass.

‘Lover’ was colorful and romantic, with butterflies, rainbows, and pastels. To celebrate this Era, you need a Minnie Mouse ear headband that is sweet and lovely and reflects Swift’s lover side. We think the Limited Edition Loungefly Exclusive – Minnie Mouse Pastel Sequin Ear Headband would be perfect for this Era since they have soft and pretty pastel colors and a sequined bow that adds sparkle.

‘folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ were indie folk albums with cozy cardigans, cottagecore vibes, and nature themes. While we learned to bake bread thanks to Covid, Taylor wrote two intimate and lovely albums. You need the Minnie Mouse Fall Leaves Ear Headband to honor these eras since they are also cozy and rustic and have a beautiful fall leaves pattern. These ears have autumn tones that match the nature theme of the albums and a sparkly gold bow that adds some style.

We selected the Loungefly Exclusive – Disney Fall Minnie Mouse Sequin Ombre Ear Headband for’ evermore.’ This gorgeous headband is covered in sequins, graduating in fall colors from light to dark. The bow at the top resembles a cluster of leaves with debossed details for the veins. It’s the perfect accessory to wear while collecting all your favorite fall mementos—or for turning everyday outings into magical adventures.

In addition to all of these fantastic picks, there’s one more set of ears we have to include just because we know Taylor would approve:

If you don’t think of Taylor Swift when you watch The Aristocats, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Aside from her love for her cats, famously named after Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order characters, Taylor has been known as a bit of a cat lady. Taylor’s love of cats goes so deep that she even alluded to Disney’s Aristocats in two of her ‘Midnight’s’ songs. “Ladies do NOT start fights, but they can finish them,” ‘Vigilante Shit,’ and then their owner leaves her money to her cats, ‘Anti-Hero.’ One must assume that TS loves The Aristocats, and in that case, rocking this set of sweet Aristocat-inspired ears will surely catch her attention when you wear it to the show.

There you have it! The best Minnie Mouse ears for every Taylor Swift era. Now you can show your love for these fantastic ladies with these adorable accessories. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this article with your fellow Swifties and Disney fans!

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