Jill Duggar breaks family's strict rules in low
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Jill Duggar breaks family's strict rules in low

Aug 29, 2023

JILL Duggar has disobeyed her parents Jim Bob and Michelle's strict rules of modesty while out gardening in the backyard of her $385,000 Arkansas home.

The Counting On alum has chosen a more modern lifestyle of Christianity after abandoning her parent's devotion to the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Now Jill, 32, has once again broken her dad Jim Bob's strict rules of modest clothing with a new video shared on her Instagram Stories.

The reality star took to the platform on Tuesday to show off a bountiful harvest from the garden of her $385,000 home in Arkansas.

The TV personality filmed a lush basket filled with ripe tomatoes that she had gathered from her plants, before panning to show the entire space overgrown with greenery.

Jill also showed off some wild daisies that had grown in her backyard, pulling at the weeds while filming for fans.

In the clip, the TLC alum abandoned her parent's rules for appropriate attire, sporting a short-sleeved and low-cut camo T-shirt.

The mother of three tied her hair back in braids and a thick headband and flaunted her nose ring with light makeup for the update.

Jill's father Jim Bob, 58, and her mother Michelle, 56, have set strict rules of modesty for their children and grandchildren.

The fundamentalists believe that women's arms and legs should always be covered with long sleeves and floor-length skirts.

Jim Bob also banned front-facing hugs, social media accounts, unchaperoned dates, and public schooling.

However, the Counting The Cost author and her husband Derick, 34, have chosen to lessen the rules on their own lives and for the upbringing of their three sons Israel, eight; Samuel, five; and Frederick, one.

The reality star has worn clothing deemed immodest, gotten a nose ring, and enrolled her kids in public school.

In 2020, Jill opened up about the restrictions in an interview with People.

She said: "Our control to choose what jobs we were allowed to accept and even where we were allowed to live was taken away from us.”

Derick added: "The first few years of our marriage, we spent time and money working towards opportunities only to hit a dead end when we'd be told: 'Well, you're not allowed to do that.'"

Over the weekend, the TV star showed off her bare legs in another rebellion against her upbringing.

The Counting On star took to her Instagram Stories with another new video from her garden.

In the post, Jill hung out with her cousin Amy Duggar, 36, and a friend named Amanda.

For the casual day with her pals, TLC alum Jill wore a patterned headband, a striped shirt, and shorts.

The star's denim shorts hit her leg at the mid-thigh, leaving her legs completely bare down to her strappy sandals.

In the video, Jill placed her camera on selfie mode to capture a basket of fresh vegetables Amanda was holding, and said: "Hey, we are looking glorious out here, straight from the garden," and giggled as she showed off the food while Amy praised her green thumb.

She captioned the social media post: "Also loved getting to end the week with you girls!"

Amy has also famously distanced herself from the strict upbringing of her family, regularly posting racy photos online.