Here’s What Really Makes The 2024 Subaru BRZ tS So Special
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Here’s What Really Makes The 2024 Subaru BRZ tS So Special

Jun 11, 2023

While the BRZ is already a fantastic entry-level sports coupe, here's what the tS trim brings to the table

Imagine cruising down an open road, your pulse in sync with the hum of a finely-tuned engine beneath the hood - that's the promise of the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS. As the curtain lifted at Subiefest California, the BRZ tS, the illustrious "tS" insignia reinstated, stole the spotlight. Subaru isn't merely playing to the gallery; it's delivering an automotive masterstroke set to shatter previous benchmarks of BRZ performance.

The BRZ tS goes beyond just being a turbocharged STI variant, an anticipation the motoring world has been buzzing with since the BRZ's birth. Rather than treading the well-worn turbo path, Subaru demonstrates its genius by fine-tuning the existing BRZ recipe, keeping its fun-loving spirit and affordability intact. The turbo temptation is a slippery slope, but Subaru treads carefully, retaining the BRZ's true character.

Featuring an STI-tuned suspension, Hitachi dampers, and a Brembo brake kit, the BRZ tS epitomizes control, flexibility, and stability. It's not a limited-edition jewel - it's a trim level offering that builds upon the Limited trim and pushes the envelope with exclusive tS features.

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At first glance, the BRZ tS seems to be keeping a lot of secrets. Beyond its stealthy Crystal Black Silica mirrors and inconspicuous tS badging, this car doesn’t scream its differences. It’s not an outright show-off, but a masterful whisper of hidden tweaks and silent enhancements. It invites the keen-eyed enthusiasts to peer deeper and unveil its unique charm.

The performance equation of the BRZ tS isn't just about brute power; it's a balanced blend of nimbleness, traction, and control. Nestled beneath the car, like a pearl inside an oyster, is the STI-tuned suspension system, housing the fine-tuned Hitachi dampers. This setup makes the tS equally at home zipping through sinuous canyons or cruising smoothly along city streets.

Footwear plays a crucial role in this dance. The BRZ tS struts on 18-inch wheels, shod in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, known for their exceptional grip and control. And when it's time to halt the ballet, the Brembo braking system steps in, boasting larger pads and rotors, confidently encapsulated by gold-painted calipers. It's a perfect marriage of power and precision, bringing peace of mind to even the most spirited drives.

The heart of the 2024 BRZ tS remains the familiar FA24, 2.4-liter naturally aspirated flat-four engine. Subaru may not have introduced any engine upgrades, but with an output of 228 horsepower and 184 pound-feet, it’s more than capable of delivering thrills.

Complementing the existing manual and automatic transmission options, Subaru's EyeSight safety suite joins the feature list for the first time in the manual variants, integrating advanced driver-assist technologies to ensure safer, more confident drives.




FA24, 2.4-liter, naturally-aspirated, flat-four


228 horsepower


184 pound-feet


STI-tuned suspension with Hitachi dampers


High-performance Brembo braking system, four-piston front, two-piston rear


18-inch wheels


Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Safety Suite

Subaru's EyeSight driver-assist tech

Exterior Details

Crystal Black Silica mirrors, special tS badging


Six-speed manual and six-speed automatic

Subaru has polished the BRZ tS into a gem of refined performance. It’s the embodiment of the old saying, "Still waters run deep." There might not be drastic changes on the surface, but the depth and quality of the enhancements make the Subaru BRZ tS a car that truly stands out from the pack.

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Unleashing a subtle yet magnetic allure, the Subaru BRZ tS masters the art of blending exterior elegance with interior intricacies. This sports coupe demands a discerning eye, with distinct elements woven seamlessly into its design fabric.

This exquisite blend of exterior prowess and interior craftsmanship redefines the Subaru BRZ tS's narrative, unfolding as a journey of detailed aesthetics punctuated by performance-inspired elements.

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Subaru is taking a leap forward with its 2024 BRZ tS by intertwining cutting-edge safety features with the exhilarating driving experience that their sports cars are known for. This integration isn’t simply about meeting standards—it's about reinventing the way you perceive safety in a performance vehicle.

Subaru's BRZ tS's advanced safety technologies come as a part of a dedicated mission to safeguard your moments of thrill. Imagine, as you navigate those hairpin bends or unleash the car's power on a straight stretch, the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking quietly perform their duties. Each drive in the BRZ tS is a symphony where adrenaline and security play together in harmony, providing an extra layer of confidence.

More impressively, Subaru's groundbreaking EyeSight driver-assist technology is now a standard feature across all manual-equipped BRZs. This inclusion isn’t exclusive to the high-end tS model anymore. Whether it’s the tS or any manual BRZ you choose, you're promised the reassuring embrace of features like adaptive cruise control, lane-departure and sway warning, and pre-collision braking system.

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As we anticipate the arrival of Subaru's enhanced BRZ tS in 2024, let's embrace the suspense surrounding its pricing. Echoing the model's spirit of value, it's envisaged to strike a balance between rich features and affordability. The model, with its promising mid-$30,000 range pricing, isn't a far cry from its more limited tS predecessor, positioning itself as an attractive proposition.

As Subaru reveals the official figures later this year, expect the BRZ tS to affirm its commitment to offering impressive performance without breaking the bank. A modest price surge over the 2023 BRZ Limited, starting at $31,095, can be anticipated.

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