Headband Trend: The 2023 Way to Rock the Accessory
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Headband Trend: The 2023 Way to Rock the Accessory

Aug 02, 2023

Let’s play a little word association game, shall we? If I say “headbands,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Preppy schoolgirls in navy blue uniforms? Blair Waldorf on the Metropolitan Museum steps? Or perhaps Kate Middleton, whose extensive collection is said to be worth upward of £10k.

It’s clear headbands have long cultivated a very prim and proper image, seeming most at home in the realms of private schools, palaces and country clubs. But that all appears to be changing now, with the hair accessory undergoing a rebranding of late—one that’s decidedly cooler.

At fashion weeks around the globe, street style stars have been demonstrating the headband’s versatile appeal, from minimal and sculptural (definite quite luxury vibes) to fun and funky and even slightly sporty (cue stretchy iterations making their way out of gyms).

Model Bella Hadid has made them a key element of her eclectic, ’90s-inflected aesthetic. Dame Helen Mirren, also a noted fan, has been donning a parade of headbands these days: black, pink, Kelly green, crystal-encrusted—you name it!

Then there was the Met gala, where headbands were spotted on the likes of Cardi B, Precious Lee and Lala Anthony. Youtube star and Vogue correspondent Emma Chamberlain even slipped on two different versions for the occasion, both by Miu Miu, one in a robin’s egg blue for the red carpet and another in sparkly black for her hosting duties.

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But the person who’s cemented the headband’s it-status this summer is no doubt Jennifer Lawrence. The actor, who’s been serving up a stream of knockout looks lately made it a recurring theme during her No Hard Feelings press tour. She even wore one for her appearance on popular Youtube series “Hot Ones,” relying on the accessory to keep her hair out of her face as she tucked into ghost pepper chicken wings with tears running down her cheeks. (See, headbands aren’t just stylish, they’re also practical!)

Follow her lead and reach for the accessory when the temperatures soar to prevent your strands from sticking to your forehead. Or channel your inner street style star on days when you don’t have the time (or willpower) to dry your hair: Just rake it back into a low bun with some strong-hold gel, slip on a headband and voilà! It seems whatever your look or hair qualms, there’s a headband for that.

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A puffy black satin headband is as timeless as it gets. Plus, you’ll get a ton of wear out of it, be it in the summertime with a dress and sunnies (maybe some Wayfarers like JLaw, pictured up top) or at a holiday party with a punchy red lip.

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You can dress these stretchy headbands up (perhaps paired with a sleek chignon and sculptural earrings) or down (think: athleisure, served early aughts style).

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Add a hit of pastel to a summer ensemble by way of this pretty pink padded headband. Call it Miu Miu on a budget.

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A shiny plastic headband gives off ’90s vibes in the best way possible. Couldn’t you just picture Fran Drescher wearing this one on an episode of The Nanny?

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