Woman reveals how hair claw clip lodged into her head
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Woman reveals how hair claw clip lodged into her head

Dec 20, 2023

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She describe how she had the clip in her head during a car accident

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A woman has revealed how a claw clip got lodged into her head as she sent a warning to women who wear the hair accessory while driving.

On her TikTok, Paisley, @paisley.rileyyy, has shared multiple videos about going to the hospital after a claw clip injured her head during a car accident. One of the videos, which has more than 51 million likes, showed the accessory covered in blood.

“The claw clip didn’t even break bruh…they casually just handed it back to me,” she said of hospital staff.

Paisley then shared a follow-up video about the incident, explaining that she wanted to “spread awareness to girls who drive around with claw clips”. She said that her friend “turned [the car] really hard”, while driving “just under 20 miles an hour”.

“We rolled, and the back of my head hit a metal bar, which lodged the claw clip in the back of my head,” she continued, before noting that her boyfriend and cousin ripped the roof of the car to get her out.

Paisley explained that once she got to the emergency room, she was immediately taken to get a CT and X-Ray of her head and chest. She also acknowledged how “lucky” she was that she didn’t have any brain damage from the accident or clip.

She then shared that her doctors closed up the wound by putting five staples in the back of her head. However, she said that they didn’t move her hair, so it got stapled “in the wound”.

The TikTok user described how her hair’s been doing since, adding: “Yesterday was the first time that I could wash my hair since the accident. So it’s been four days since I washed my hair. I cannot brush it, it hurts too bad.” She then noted that she could brush the sides of her head, just not the back of it.

She shared that while she’s on medication, it’s not fully helping her pain, as she noted in the caption that she has a concussion. Paisley also said that she doesn’t personally remember anything about the accident.

“Everything that I’ve just said is basically what I’ve been told about it,” Paisley continued. “I remember things that happened, after a few things, but not much.”

She concluded the video by emphasising how grateful she was that she didn’t have brain damage and explaining why she shared her videos about the accident.

“I just posted those videos to let those other girls know that it could be very dangerous to have a hair clip or claw clip or anything like that in the back of their hair,” Paisley siad. “I was very lucky, it could have been so much worse. It could’ve been worse than five staples.”

As of 22 March, the video has more than 6.9 million views, with TikTok users in the comments recalling their experiences with claw clips and wishing Paisley a healthy recovery.

“My daughter left her doll claw clip on the floor. I stepped in it and the clip went all the way up my foot. I had to go to ER to get out , it wouldn’t budge,” one wrote. “Never knew how dangerous these damn things are, you would think they would just break in half. I was walking with a whole clip hanging out my foot.”

“Welp I will not be driving with one ever again,” another wrote.

“I’m glad I don’t like claw clips omg,” a third added. “I’m so glad you’re okay and there was no damage other than you having to get staples. I hope you heal well.”

Other viewers shared how they could relate to Paisley’s terrifying experience with a head injury.

“I had to get stitches in my head and the doctor cleaned the wound and plucked the hair that was in the way. I’m sorry that happened to you,” one wrote.

“Listen I wrecked a four wheeler and had brain surgery and they put my hair in the stitches too…what hair I had left LMFAOO,” another added.

The Independent has contacted Paisley for comment.

Paisley’s video isn’t the first video on TikTok where women have shared their take on claw clips. In February, ultrasound student Natalie Kate shared a clip, which got more than 4 million views, encouraging people not to drive with claw clips.

“I’m finishing my ultrasound clinicals for school, and the doctor told me not to wear claw clips while driving because they’ve seen girls who’ve gotten in car accidents with the clips impaled into their skull,” she said.

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