15 Best Hair Clips for Thick Hair to End Breakage from Hair Accessories
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15 Best Hair Clips for Thick Hair to End Breakage from Hair Accessories

Dec 17, 2023

For once, let your thick hair show its true styling potential with these 15 best hair clips for thick hair. Claw, banana, and barrette variations of these clips are sure to offer you a satisfying experience of keeping your heavy hair in place without breaking or sliding.

Thick hair cannot be managed with just any hair accessory. They have to be specifically made keeping in mind the volume, bounce, and texture of thick hair. Hair clips have always been in vogue due to their versatility. They are fashionable as well as functional. They are also more gentle on your hair than hair ties as they do not pull at the hair roots. Jumbo hair clips are perfect for thick hair as they can gather all of its volume and hold the hair with a firm grip. Drawing from our experience, we have listed a variety of different hair clips for thick hair that will assist you in styling your thicker hair without worrying about loose strands, sliding updos, or the clips snapping midway.

Bagging the top spot in our list of hair clips for thick hair, TOCESS's big hair claw clips have a soft matte rubber coating and powerful metal springs. Sold in a pack of 8 pieces, each package contains two different shapes of clips. They come in neutral tones that perfectly match your outfits and hairstyles. Thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, or wavy hair, these jumbo clips are large enough to fit all hair types. You can wear these lightweight claw clips all day without any uneasiness or headache.

The 4.5 inches long claw clips from FRAMAR are made to hold thick and long hair without snagging or pulling at them. The one-size-fits-all classic claw clip is suitable for all hair types. The clips have a matte rubber finish that makes them anti-slippery. Even while using wet hair, you get a strong grip on the clips due to their rubberized coating. Although long and extra large in size, these hair claws for thick hair are light in weight and very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Available in a pack of 4 with dreamy nude and neutral colors, they are soon going to be your favorite claw clips.

Canitor's large claw clips, available in a pack of 4 pieces, are made of high-quality acrylic and plastic materials. The clips are coated with a top layer of protective oil technology for their long life and durability. The large clip has 14 teeth clamps that firmly grip your hair, keeping your bun or updo intact. The simple design in 4 neutral colors, black, amber, creamy white, and transparent, easily matches any outfit, any hair color, or any hairstyle.

Style your hair with these gorgeous metal claw clips in a golden hue. Be it a wedding or a party, be it a French twist or half-updo, these clips will surely catch everyone’s eyes. The 4-inch clips come in a pack of 6, each in a different design. The use of high-quality alloy prevents rusting and offers great durability, keeping your hair in place without causing you any discomfort. Although large in size, they are quite light in weight and are suitable for all hair types and lengths.

Vsiopy’s high-quality mattified plastic claw clips are medium in size with a dimension of 3.5 inches. Available in a pack of 6 with 3 different neutral colors in each pack, they are easy to use and compact to carry along. Suitable for all hair types, these are ideal hair clips for thick hair as the strong metal spring provides a firm grip. They can comfortably hold your hair all day without snagging your hair or causing you headaches.

Jalin's set of 8 hair claw clips is equipped with powerful metal springs that keep your hair tight and secure all day long. These are a must-have for women with thick hair as the jaw clips open wide, offering a comfortable grip without hurting your head. The rectangular-shaped clips come in different pastel colors and are easy to use. Made from durable plastic acrylic material, they have 14 non-slip teeth clamps that hold your hair securely.

These extra-long hair clips from OPAUL will soon be your go-to claw clips to keep your hair from spilling out of the updo. The 4.7 inches long clips come in a pack of 4 and can easily wrap around the thickest of hair, keeping them in place. The top-quality polycarbonate material is sturdy and strong with good stability. They will not break or get deformed from use. The non-slip matte finish, wide opening angle, and soft grip teeth make these clips safe for your hair and scalp.

Curly hair has both volume and bounce which are not easy to manage. HairZing invented an adjustable banana hair clip that not only holds your curly hair but also keeps it neat and intact. The single clip has flexible rounded wire teeth that offer amazing grip without snagging or pulling at the hair. Strong and sturdy in-built yet lightweight and gentle on your hair, with a stretchable design, this is the best banana hair clip for thick hair.

Hair claw clips do not always have to be simple and boring in order to be functional. They can be stylish and glamorous along with being sturdy and functional. ANBALA offers claw clips in 5 classic designs that are easy to use and extra large to hold thicker, longer hair. Made from premium-quality alloy and colored golden, these clips can be your perfect companion at weddings, parties, family gatherings, or date nights.

With 2 designs and 3 neutral colors, 79Style's hair claw clips come in a pack of 6. Available in 2 sizes, 4.3 inches long and 3.5 inches long, the larger clips can be used to style your hair in an updo or bun while the mini clips can be used for the hair that frames your face. The hair clips are coated with a soft, rubbery layer to prevent sliding. They have tiny, inner teeth to lock in the hair, securing them without feeling tight or uneasy.

Silky, thick hair is more difficult to hold as the hair clips or ties keep sliding off. Sisiaipu's 4-inch big claw hair clips for thick hair are matte finished with a layer of rubber coating on top for a non-slip grip. The inner teeth do not allow hair to spill out or slide off. These clips are manufactured from strong and durable acrylic and plastic material with strong metal springs that do not rust easily. Available in a pack of 6, they come in colors black, white, beige yellow, brick red, dark brown, and grey-green.

These WILLBOND hair barrettes, sold in packs of 6 with each in a different color, are crafted from sturdy acrylic and metal to give you a comfortable and long-lasting experience. They have concave-shaped rectangle forms with smooth, shiny surfaces. Lightweight and compact, these hair clasps are ideal for half-clipped hairstyles. With over 2000 ratings on Amazon, one user has reviewed these clips “My hair is very thick and curly. I routinely break barrettes trying to snap them closed around a section of my hair. These are perfect! They fit my hair without breaking and have a rubbery layer that keeps them from sliding out. I hope these are still easy to find when I want new ones but I expect these will last a long time!”

In today's rapid globalization, opting for sustainable products can contribute to helping protect Mother Nature. Kitsch aims to do exactly that. Their claw clips are made from recycled materials, consciously created to reduce plastic waste. The jumbo open clips are perfect to hold thick hair with their soft claws and strong hinges. The rounded teeth prevent hair snagging and hair breakage while the easy-grab handles make it easy to open and close. Own this eco-friendly yet fashionable hair clip and contribute a little towards saving the environment.

A value-added pack of 12 clips, 6 mini claw clips and 6 large claw clips, from Alemaky gives your thick hair a strong hold and comfortable grip. They are made from durable plastic and the mattified finish makes them non-slippery. The elastic metal spring allows the clip to open wide, easily grabbing all your hair. The package includes hair clips for thick hair as well as fine hair. Each of the clips efficiently grip your hair and hold it in place.

LANIFO offers this value pack of 12 large and medium claw clips in neutral colors. Suitable for both thick and thin hair, these claw clips are easy to wear and can be used for many hairstyles. The rust-free metal spring and large soft claws do not let your thick hair fall off, strongly holding them in place. The surface is coated with a high-quality rubber-like paint that gives the clips a matte finish which prevents slipping and sliding.

While choosing hair clips for thick hair, always look out for the following qualities:

Size: When it comes to selecting a claw clip for thick hair, size plays the most important role. For thick hair, you will need long and large claw clips that are at least 4 inches long to keep hair secured and fastened.

Material: Hair clips made from high-quality, sturdy plastic materials or rust-free alloys will offer durability and last you long.

Finish: As thick hair is heavy, hair clips tend to slide off, unable to bear its weight. Non-slip matte-finished or rubber-coated clips are perfect for thick hair as they stay in place, providing a firm grip to the hair.

Customer Reviews: The most reliable source to know about the pros and cons of a hair clip is the customer review section. From the reviews, you can get an idea of what to expect from the hair clips.

We have seen how large claw clips are a boon for coarse thick hair and banana hair clips are the answer for styling your silky thick hair. Top-quality acrylic material and strong metal offer durability and sturdiness to these clips, giving you a smooth and effortless hair styling experience. The presence of inner teeth provides a strong hold that does not let the hair strands spill out or the updo loosen up. Based on our first-hand experience, we can claim that the best hair clips for thick hair will keep your hair nice and comfortable without causing you any headaches or uneasiness.

Alvira, the author is a budding journalist and hair care expert. After watching her friends and colleagues struggling to find the perfect hair clip that will keep their thick hair in place, she took it upon herself to find them a solution. She tried and tested several products, following which she has put together this list of the best hair clips for thick hair.

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