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Wayfair Items That Will Help You Redecorate

Jun 15, 2023

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

You may not *need* a new coffee table, strictly speaking... but then again, "need" can be a relative term.

BuzzFeed Contributor

Promising review: “Love this! It was super easy to put together and lights like a grill. It will extend the time we can use our outdoor area.” —Anonymous

Price: $211.99 (originally $299.99)

Promising review: “I. AM. IN LOVE. The table arrived fully assembled. (NICE! Except getting it up to my four-floor walk-up!) The wood is BEAUTIFUL. Natural waves in the wood, excellent color variation. It looks natural. Best of all, it fits my place perfectly. GET THIS COFFEE TABLE.” —Kate

Price: $289.99 (originally $519.09)

Promising review: “By far the prettiest coffee tables I have ever owned. Great quality and look expensive!!” —Teneshia

Price: $179.99 (originally $219.99)

Promising review: “A beautiful, oversized, sturdy, and well-made floor mirror. It brings in so much elegance and ties my dining room together. It also makes my small living space feel more spacious and airy. The arch is stunning. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. Great quality for the price.” —Dana

Price: $330+ (available in three sizes and four colors)

Promising review: “Super nice! Replaced the apartment shower head with this within the last couple years and still works great. We’ve soaked it in CLR a couple times to unclog it (hard water).” —Anonymous

Price: $60.01+ (originally $125+; available in three colors)

Promising review: “ I LOVE my Nespresso machine. Hands down the best coffee. Machine is compact in size, but large in flavor. Get this bundle – you are going to want the frother, trust me!” —Katie

Price: $249 (available in two colors)

Promising review: “Fantastic! This coffee maker is as functional as it is pretty! The coffee tastes great and is easy to program, so a fresh brew can be waiting for you when you awake. I've tried both the mesh basket and the paper basket, and while the paper is easier to clean, I do prefer the mesh basket, as there's no chance of any grinds getting into the coffee. This is the best coffee we've had from a personal coffee maker, including Keurig and Mr. Coffee. Would definitely recommend!” —Jacquie

Price: $299 (available in three colors)

Promising review: “This is an outstanding lamp!!! Almost everyone who has seen it comments on how much they like it, how unique it is. It’s a heavy lamp and is very, very sturdy. I’m sure I’ll have it for decades to come.” —Greg

Price: $174.99+ (originally $206.99+; available in two colors)

Promising review: “OMG, I am in LOVE with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It makes the process of baking bread, cakes, and cookies so easy. While the batter is whipping, you can start on some of the cleanup. The splatter/pour guard that comes with the mixer is also a tremendous help to control the flour spilling [out]. … Would not trade it for anything in the world. I plan on using this each time I bake.” —Jacqueline

Price: $449.99 (available in 19 colors)

Promising review: “Love this kitchen island! It looks amazing and fits in our kitchen perfectly. I love that the back is finished so the island looks great on both sides. It’s sturdy and easy to put together. The storage is very nice too. Definitely a great buy!” —Stacy

Price: $299.99+ (originally $369.99+; available in six colors)

Promising review: “Practically perfect in every way! The fabric is luscious and wonderful. It's super comfortable to both sit and lay on. Just the right firmness for my taste. A wonderful accent in my bedroom.” —Mrs.

Price: $859.99+ (available in nine colors)

Promising review: “Beautiful bookcase!! Just what we needed in this space. Not hard to put together and very sturdy. So happy with it!” —karen

Price: $179.99+ (available in four colors)

Promising review: “Beautiful desk – love it! I needed a desk with a LOT of work space and this is perfect! I also appreciate all the shelving to help me stay organized. It was also fairly simple to put together.” —Patricia

Price: $306.99 (originally $499.05)

Promising review: “This is a nice sturdy desk that fits perfectly in between my windows. I used the ‘see it in my room’ virtual feature for this desk and loved it. It was fairly simple to put together, and it did not take very long. The two drawers are small but sufficient for the size of the desk. The color is fun! It brings a nice spot of color to this room.” —Nina

Price: $127.99+ (originally $234.99; available in 11 colors)

Promising review: “I love this table! It’s the perfect size for my apartment-sized dining area. The only downside is that the instructions didn’t seem very clear to me. However, I found a tutorial on YouTube, and was able to put it together reasonably easily. Seems quite solid.” —Emilie

Price: $187.99+ (originally $357; available in three base colors and three table top colors)

Y’all, I have this table — and I love it. Watching the leaf pop out of the center of the table when you pull the ends apart is like magic. And when it’s fully extended, it seats up to eight people — perfect for small gatherings that revolve mainly around food. Or board games. We’ve done both in my house. It’s great (and also a huge upgrade from the teeny little four-seater I’d been carting around from apartment to apartment for more than a decade!).

Promising review: "Really love this table. It was simple...to put together. It opens and closes so easily that I can do it myself. The wood and base were both darker than the photo, but I read the reviews and was expecting and hoping for that. It fits beautifully into our dining room space. It's held up against three kids so far. I'm waiting on new chairs and a bench to go with it." —Rosie

Price: $930 (available in three colors)

BTW, reviewers note that it’s quite a task to assemble this one – but also that’s TOTALLY worth it for the end result.

Promising review: “Absolutely in love! The quality of this dresser is out of this world. Incredibly challenging to put together to say the least, especially if you’re attempting to do it alone, but the final product is amazing. 10/10 recommend!” —Bryan

Price: $294.99+ (originally $689; available in five colors)

Promising review: “This bed is beautiful. It’s very simple, but that is what we wanted. It took about 30 minutes to put together with two of us, and the instructions were easy to follow. The boxes came a little beat up, but none of the pieces were damaged. Love that it comes with two height options. We chose the higher of the two, but kept the parts to make it lower if we choose to at a later time. It’s white, but not an overly bright white. Fits in perfect with the farmhouse theme.” —Tami

Price: $144.92+ (originally $363+; available in sizes full–king and in five colors)

Promising review: “These chairs work perfectly with our round dining table. We love the gold color. Plus, the seat is supportive and curves very comfortably. What an excellent deal for two dining chairs. Highly recommend!” —Melanie

Price: $194+ for two (originally $350; available in five colors)

Promising review: “Beautiful piece of furniture! I get many compliments on it. Using it as a media cabinet in our living room, and it adds so much character and charm to the room.” —Destiny

Price: $829.99

Promising review: “More adorable than I anticipated! Love the wood styled legs and brushed metal casters! I like the color and small size with no arms to get in the way! Super soft and comfortable, rolls well; I can't say enough good things!” —Alyssa

Price: $249.99+ (originally $550; available in four colors)

Promising review: “Cute little table. All we had to do was attach the legs, and it was ready to use. Just what I was hoping for.” —Kristen

Price: $103.99

Promising review: “This light is awesome! I ordered it without checking with my husband first, and I told him he just needed to trust me. He was in shock at first but has since agreed that this light is super cool! It’s completely transformed our kitchen with a modern and warm but funky vibe. We also installed it on a slightly sloped ceiling without the adapter, so it is possible. Also, we didn’t use any of the extender tubes, as our ceiling was just barely high enough for the base length. Also, you can move the arms around as needed. Highly recommend!” —Erin

Price: $132.99+ (originally $225+; available in four colors)

I have this one myself, and it performs all of the following functions in my household: Storage for everything from hats and gloves to vacuum cleaner attachments; seating for putting on or taking off shoes; space-filler, because gee, that wall would look super empty otherwise; and even additional seating when we’ve got the dining table fully extended. It is a true star.

Promising review: “Perfect to tidy up the clutter previously in the entryway. Well made and packed better than anything I have ever had delivered. Also rare to find no assembly needed; it's all ready to go!” —Laura

Price: $339+ (originally $379+; available in five colors)

Promising review: “LOVE these chairs! They are so comfortable and fit perfectly in front of my fireplace. I ordered the dark gray, and they are beautiful. Streamlined look and sturdy with solid wood frames. My husband put them together quickly without any issues. Really nicely made chairs. We had company over yesterday and used them for the first time, and everyone commented on how great they were and how comfortable. I would definitely recommend them.” —Julie

Price: $249.99+ (available in five colors)

Promising review: “Such a great purchase! So comfortable. I am 5 months pregnant and have had the best sleep since getting this mattress. Not too firm nor too soft. The perfect balance!” —Cailey

Price: $196.99+ (originally $214+; available in sizes twin—king)

Promising review: “Very cute night stand. Great for a small space and simple to put together. Very pretty!” —Zullineyt

Price: $82.99+ (originally $97.99+; available in two colors)

Promising review: “I love, love, love this couch! It’s stylish yet cozy. The color is beautiful, and the velvet material is super soft. The cushions are definitely on the firm side — but I prefer that for starters, as they’ll soften with time.” —Kathryn H

Price: $1,030+ (originally $2,100; available in 14 colors)

Promising review: “A surprisingly heavy piece, but it's perfect for our space. My fiancé was in desperate need of jewelry storage and had a ton of it spread out all over the room. … We’ve [also] used the back shelf for candles. By far my favorite thing about this piece is the revolving mirror. It's creepy to have the mirror face our bed, so we turn it around at night. The stain and finish on this looked awesome.” —Gavin Mitchell

Price: $183.99+ (originally $263.88; available in three colors)

The set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

Promising review: “The best sheets we have ever had! Thick and extremely smooth and comfortable. Fits our mattress perfectly and washes beautifully in cold water. Especially good for cold weather.” —Patricha Ann

Price: $133.50+ (originally $311.50+; available in sizes full–California king and in 12 colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.