The HairpinPal Bobby Pin Magnetic Holder is on sale at Amazon
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The HairpinPal Bobby Pin Magnetic Holder is on sale at Amazon

Aug 21, 2023

How often do you reach for a bobby pin, and there's nothing there? If you're like us, it's too many times to count. Even if you have a designated spot where you leave hair styling items, from ponytail holders to pins, they always seem to disappear or end up in spots you never left them in (like your washing machine). That's where the HairpinPal Bobby Pin and Hair Clip Magnetic Holder comes in. It's a magnetic holder that keeps all your pins in one place for when you need them — and it's just $17!

Tired of losing bobby pins as soon as you buy them? This magnetic holder keeps them in one place so you never run out again.

The HairpinPal Bobby Pin and Hair Clip Magnetic Holder is the answer to always searching for bobby pins. Like other hair tools (ponytail holders, clips, headbands and more), they tend to disappear. Even when you think you've put them away and secured your stash, you look, and they're gone. That's where this nifty gadget comes in — it has a magnetic design that keeps your pins in one place. It also has a durable and heavy base that doesn't slip and slide off surfaces. And when you're ready to use the bobby pins, you can remove them without tugging.

Shoppers love the HairpinPal and can't stop raving about it. Here's what they're saying:

One shopper summed the holder up perfectly: "It just makes sense," they said. "If you are anything like me and have bobby pins everywhere, this is perfect for keeping them in one spot. The magnet is strong, and it holds a lot!"

"Sanity saver," reported a fan. "Picks up bobby pins — what’s not to like? I hate to find them all over the house; this gadget keeps them in place. Awesome!"

"My whole life, I've been losing bobby pins left and right until I got my hands on this product," another wrote. "The bobby pins that come with the product are great, too and sturdy. My hair stays in place, and the bobby pins stay in place on the holder once I'm done. You can flip the holder around, topple it over, etc. and the bobby pins will still be in place. I barely have lost bobby pins with this product."

"This hairpin holder is a lifesaver!" one five-star reviewer said. "Really happy with my purchase! We’ve tried all sorts of different things to store my daughter’s hairpins in, but this has a super strong magnet that keeps hundreds of them tightly in place! Has made a HUGE difference when doing her hair for dance competitions!!"

Another happy customer shared: "Such a great product! I wish I had this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of bobby pins. I keep it in one of my drawers in my bathroom and it catches all the bobby pins I throw in there. No more hunting for them."

Shoppers say the holder is durable and doesn't slide off surfaces, so it keeps your hair pins secure.

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