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I'm a safety adviser

Jul 22, 2023

A SAFETY guru has issued a stern warning about three things you should avoid doing inside your car in order to prevent serious injury.

The first risky move involves where you rest your feet when you want to relax in the passenger seat.

In a recent video, Cathy Pedrayes (@cathypedrayes) warned that placing your legs and feet on the dashboard is a huge hazard.

"If that airbag deploys, you're going to have a nasty broken bone situation," she warned.

This practice is especially dangerous because any kind of impact to the car can cause airbags to deploy.

When an airbag fully deploys in one-tenth of a second, there's a lot of force behind it, making a lot of room for serious injury or death.

Worse injury can occur if your knees are close to your face.

Secondly, Pedrayes cautions against sitting too close to the steering wheel.

"You want to be sitting at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel," she said in her video.

Similar to her previous note, she said that airbags can cause serious injury if you're sitting too close to the wheel.

Lastly, wearing claw clips can also be a risk.

The accessory has come back into fashion in recent years but having one in your hair while driving can be dangerous.

Claw clips are made of very tough plastic, and if an accident occurs, it could be incredibly painful for the back of your head.

"Those things are not soft," Pedrayes said.

"And in an accident, well, it can get pretty gross. So don't drive with it."

The video led to a few questions from viewers.

One person said of the advice regarding sitting 10 inches from the steering wheel: "I'm 4'11". I can't sit that far away."

Pedrayes replied: "Pedal extenders."

Another viewer added: "I always have a claw clip in, thanks!! Never thought about it."

The video got more than 155,000 likes.