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"I Need All This Braided Up": In the Midst of Hairline Issues, LeBron James Hilariously Going at Wife Savannah to Style His Wig Resurfaces Online

Jun 17, 2024

Tonoy Sengupta|Published August 06, 2023

Credits: USA Today Sports

LeBron James was gifted with many things by God. Throughout his NBA career, his athleticism and knowledge of the game have been the best in the league. In addition, the Kings’ basketball IQ made the 6’9 freak of nature simply unguardable in his prime. However, there also needed to be some balance here. And so, as if to compensate for his supreme talents, James’ hairline was taken away from him quite early on. To make up for what he lacked, LeBron once decided to put on quite a flamboyant wig and annoy his wife Savannah James by asking her to braid it up for him.


Prior to his NBA career, James had no problem growing out his hair. In fact, during his time in high school, he famously sported an ‘afro’ hairstyle. And as he once revealed, it was all due to Kobe Bryant. Here is what he said on the matter, as per CBS.

“In high school, I wore a nappy afro because of Kobe Bryant… I always said my inspiration came from Jordan, but I always thought Jordan was so out of this world that I could never get there. Kobe was someone that I just always kind of wanted to be like and play like.”


Much like his hairline, James managed to inherit something close to Bryant’s mentality as well.

Since his first stint in Cleveland, James has lacked a crisp hairline. So the 2016 NBA Champion decided to fix that on one occasion, putting on a wig, before showcasing his long, curly locks on camera. Take a look at the YouTube clip by ‘9MagTV‘ to watch the Lakers superstar in action.

James couldn’t contain his excitement after watching his locks on camera, “Yo, my hair growing like crazy right now, people. I’m telling you, you see that? (the partition in his hair). This sh*t crazy! I told y’all I was going to have braids this year, y’all thought I was bullsh*tting!… Babe, you got me next? I need all this braided up!”

James was clearly having the time of his life as he finally had some hair on his head in this recently resurfaced clip. Justifiably so, given that he hasn’t had a stable hairline since his days with the Cavaliers when he first entered the NBA. Due to this, by the time he got to the Miami Heat, LeBron started wearing a headband to cover up his hairline as much as possible


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However, when he returned to Cleveland for his second stint, James’s hairline mystically started to make a comeback, looking better than it had in a long time. And since that point, while there have been a few bumps on the road, LeBron’s hair has only looked better with time. Of course, hair transplants and the skills of his barber have a lot to do with it. Still, now being close to 40, James seems to have a better head of hair than he did for the majority of his 20s.

James has been open about wanting a full head of hair more than most other things in life. That will of his only burns brighter when he sees his best friend, Dwyane Wade with full head of hair. He once even spoke to reporter, Rachel Nichols on the matter, as seen in the YouTube clip by ‘Inspiredbyhoops‘ below.

James was blessed with a lot of things. Unfortunately for him, no one can have it all in this world. His lack of a hairline is something that he will just have to accept eventually, no matter how much it may hurt him. Our prayers are with ‘the King’.


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