Get whimsical! Asian stars’ Disney headband
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Get whimsical! Asian stars’ Disney headband

Aug 16, 2023

Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary this year! If you’re excited about the festivities, you’re not alone: Hong Kong’s stars are getting in on the fun, too.

Let’s explore the captivating ensembles they put together, perfectly paired with headbands inspired by Disney’s loveable characters.

The iconic Mickey & Friends collection remains a present-day favourite. Minnie, Mickey’s beloved companion, captivates girls’ hearts. Actress Renee Li Man-ying embraced the classic trend, donning a red shirt and black skirt.

But Disney’s beloved Minnie is associated with more styles beyond the classic red and white polka dots. Actress Moon Lau Pui-yuet paired the light blue Minnie headband with a white dress and a pink and white striped shirt. Meanwhile, Jeannie Chan-ying complemented her blue and pink sequinned Minnie headband with a pink floral top and a pair of jeans.

The pink fox LinaBell – the new star of Duffy and Friends – has captured hearts. ViuTV artist Alice Hui paired her LinaBell headband with a simple black and white ensemble, allowing her pink accessory to stand out.

But actress Jennifer Yu chose mum and daughter duo matching ‘fits instead, donning pink wool garments to match her LinaBell crossbody bag and headband while her daughter wore a white dress, pink wool jacket and pink LinaBell flower hair accessories.

Sabrina Ng-ping, a YouTuber and KOL, evoked eerie charm by pairing her Maleficent headband with a green long-sleeved shirt and a black tee.

TVB singer couple Stephanie Ho Ngan-si and Fred Cheng Chun-wan went for matching wool shirts, topping off their looks with matching personalised Disney hats, which were adorned with their English names at the back.

Beloved chipmunks Chip and Dale continue to enchant. Actress Jessica Kan Shuk-yi complemented her denim suspender skirt with the Chip and Dale headband.

Slinky Dog is a star character in Toy Story. Thai beauty blogger Pannaporn Prasop accessorised her light blue outfit with a blue Chanel mini-bag and the playful Slinky Dog headband.

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