French hairpins are everywhere right now, and yes you need one
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French hairpins are everywhere right now, and yes you need one

Aug 11, 2023

Thu, August 17, 2023 at 12:18:23 PM EDT

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the last few months wistfully scrolling past social media posts about French hairpins, dreaming about what it would be like to have enough skill to pull off the classy look. We finally caved and watched a tutorial, and it turns out that achieving that perfect twist isn’t difficult at all! After just a few attempts, our hair looked as good as anything we’ve seen on social.

In addition to looking way more elevated than scrunchies or hair claws, French hairpins are also better for your hair. They don’t pull on your locks like rubber bands, which makes them much less likely to cause breakage or put stress on your scalp. And they won’t create any sort of crease in your hair once you take the clips out. Even if you always wear your hair down, it’s still worth getting a French hairpin or two — twisting your damp or dry hair up for a little bit will give it way more volume once you let it loose.

French hairpins can get pricey, but there are also some amazing and affordable luxe-looking options. Keep scrolling for our favorites that are $35 or less.

This pretty pin uses strong, sturdy recycled scrap metal, so you’ll feel just as good about wearing it as you’ll look. The gold-plated coating creates an aesthetic that’s the absolute essence of quiet luxury.

Go for a timeless look with this sophisticated tortoise-print pin. It’s substantial enough to hold your hair in place without weighing you down and is the right size to work well for a knot with either half or all of your locks. The pin is also available in a gold version.

Embedded opalescent shell fragments give these pins a cool artsy aesthetic. They come as a set of two, with one in a darker rainbow of colors and one in pearly white. We love wearing both together for double the hold and a cool criss-cross effect.

Machete is famous for its handmade Italian acetate hairpins in a rainbow of colors and patterns. At 5 inches long, it will accommodate any length of hair while also making a serious statement. We’re starting with this pistachio-colored piece, but it won’t be our last.

These metal pins are malleable enough to navigate through curls (and tangles) easily but will still hold your hair exactly how you want it. You also won’t notice any bending or loss of shape in them over time. In addition to matte black, the set of two comes in gold and rose gold.

When your French hairpin is handmade in France, you know it’s legit. The cellulose acetate material is light and flexible but also super durable. Besides this soft ivory color, the pin comes in six other solids and tortoise-style colors and neutrals.

Add a little whimsy to your outfit with these cute hand-carved hairpins. Each set comes with one made of black sandalwood and another made of red, both with natural-looking swirls. The cat silhouette is subtle enough that you’ll still look totally sophisticated.

Pretty and light, this pin will give a fun pop of brightness to any look. We especially love it with a more understated, neutral outfit. It’s also available in four other marbled colors, all just as covetable.

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