Dakota Johnson Traded Her Chocolate Brown Hair for a Blonde Bob
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Dakota Johnson Traded Her Chocolate Brown Hair for a Blonde Bob

Jul 26, 2023

But she kept her signature bangs.

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While some celebrities change up their beauty looks all the time, seeing Dakota Johnson with anything but her signature long brown hair is a bit jarring. So, prepare to be shocked, as she just debuted a new bright blonde bob with flowing bangs.

On August 29, Johnson shared a joint Instagram post with the entertainment company that she co-founded, Teatime Pictures. The post includes stills from Teatime’s latest film, Daddio, starring Johnson and Sean Penn. In the photo, she sits in the back of Penn's cab, wearing a mesh plaid shirt with a lettuce trim at the neckline, and a structured black leather coat.

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Johnson's new blonde bob brought her straight into the “edgy” category. Her hair features the same shaggy bangs she’s worn for years—but instead of blending into her typical long, layered brown hair, her bangs now blend into a blunt bob that’s bright blonde throughout. Her hair features lived in waves and a quick half-up style held together by a small claw clip.

After Hailey Bieber debuted her short hair early this year, the bob quickly became the unofficial haircut of 2023. Sure, going for a bob always feels risky, but celebs like Zendaya, Emma Stone, and even Kim Kardashian have all worn drastically different bobs that suit each of their individual styles. There isn’t one bob style in particular that’s trending—and the celebs are proof that you can go for a short cut with whichever texture, length, or layering style works for you. With overgrown bangs and a relaxed texture, Johnson’s new bob is perfect if you want something that will help you segue from a lengthy ‘70s shag to a bob without feeling like you’re taking too much of a risk.

If you’re looking to recreate Johnson’s hair for the fall, you’ll want to head to a trusted colorist *and* stylist to get you to the correct shade of blonde and the proper bob and bang length for your face shape.

After that, copying her barely-there waves is relatively simple. “Use a one-and-a-quarter to one-and-a-half inch curling iron to curl your hair, starting at the root and working your way down,” Justin Toves-Vincillone, hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate, previously told Byrdie. “Alternate sections away from the face and toward the face to add organic movement, then allow each curl to cool completely before finishing with a lightweight defining product.” You can use a texturizing spray or styling wax to add structure and a piece-y look and then finish off by clipping your hair back into a half-up style.

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