6 Jennifer Lawrence Outfits I'm Copying This Fall
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6 Jennifer Lawrence Outfits I'm Copying This Fall

Sep 16, 2023

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Everyone is worthy of a rebrand every once in a while, celebrities included. Sometimes you wake up and decide what you’re currently doing isn’t it, reinvent the wheel for yourself a bit, and emerge from the process like a shiny new penny—and that’s exactly what’s happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s style this year.

When I try to muster up images of Jennifer Lawrence’s previous style, I… can’t. I can’t tell you if it was good or bad, because I simply don’t remember it, give or take a few red carpet appearances. Being unmemorable is a lot better than being known for having not-so-great style (or is it?), but as of late, her outfits are anything but forgettable. While being in the spotlight again this summer while promoting her new movie No Hard Feelings, our girl Jen has emerged as a whole new woman. Maybe it’s motherhood looking good on her, or maybe it’s just a good old rebrand, but her recent looks are all over my 2023 fall outfit inspiration boards—and they should be on yours too.

It’s not easy to completely nail casual dressing, but with a rotation of modern, elevated basics, her and celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi have completely mastered it. Oversized coats, baggy denim, and an arsenal of classic tees have her looking consistently cool, and the resulting vibe is everything I hope to emulate come fall. These are her recently looks I’m planning on replicating as soon as the thermometer drops beneath 70 degrees.

Source: Gotham | Getty Images

I have to be honest: I’m not the biggest fan of a trench coat on myself. I love them in theory and on other people, but mine just isn’t something I reach for instinctively; however, this styling has the potential to make mine a constant in my fall rotation. With oversized trousers, a basic tee, and a sweater tied over her shoulders, Jennifer Lawrence gives a master class in layering. The entire ensemble would veer preppy if the pieces were all fitted, but since they’re more relaxed, the result is casual-cool, office-day perfection.

Source: Gotham | Getty Images

I’m a firm believer that a baseball hat can make almost any outfit better, and this look is proof. Without it, the white tee and wide-leg pants combo is cute, but nothing special; with it, it’s giving celeb-off-duty styling that’s begging to be worn during transitional fall weather.

Source: Gotham | Getty Images

If you haven’t heard, soccer-style Adidas sneakers are the it-shoes to have on your feet this year, and they’re especially cool in a pop of color, like the deep green worn here. I’m usually one to pair a more fitted top with my oversized denim, but this combo makes me want to try and oversized-from-head-to-toe look on for size. The front of the sweater tucked into the belted jeans ensure that she still has some shape, and remains looking put-together despite the larger fit of all the pieces she’s wearing.

Source: James Devaney | Getty Images

When I saw the pictures of this outfit surfacing this summer, I audibly gasped and stopped my scroll in its tracks. Everything about this look is perfect to me. It’s giving quiet luxury, but the tailoring of the dress and impeccably chosen accessories work together to make sure it feels far from boring. Her padded headband, classic Ray-Bans, and black heels paired with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s-esque dress is head-to-toe black done right.

Source: MEGA | Getty Images

I’ve never thought “let me pair a sequined gown with a tailored blazer,” but this look made me wonder why not. I haven’t had the urge to wear anything but an oversized, boyfriend-style blazer for the past three years, but this look has me about an inch away from ordering a fitted one so I can wear it with a tulle skirt this fall. It’s like the modernized, understated version of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tool-skirt-and-tank moment. Please, bury me in this, I’m begging.

Source: Gotham | Getty Images

What’s that? More sneakers? As a sneaker lover through and through, Jennifer Lawrence’s consistent rotation with hers makes me feel better about my love (and excessive wear) of mine. A good, solid coat can take an outfit by the reins and change its direction completely, and that’s what’s happening here. A casual button-down, jeans, and sneaker combo is hoisted up with the addition of a white belted coat over top, making it a *Chef’s kiss* go-to fall look.