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Oct 11, 2023

If you're anything like us, you probably have a go-to hairstyle that you opt for every time date night rolls around. Maybe you opt for long, carefully sculpted waves or an elegant updo, or perhaps you leave your natural hair down to show it off in all its glory. Whatever style you go for, we're willing to bet that you'd like to switch it up occasionally. Date nights, when you want to show off, may call for a hairstyle that's a bit different from your usual, and if you need some inspo, we're here to help.

What you choose to do with your hair will depend on a few different factors, like what you're wearing and what activity you have planned. If you're going out to eat, you'll probably want a style that keeps long hair out of your face. Active dates might require an updo, while long, loose locks may be perfect for an elegant cocktail evening or even a simple movie night. Whatever you have planned, there's a great date night hairstyle that will have you feeling and looking stunning.

Sometimes your date night is going to call for some elegant glam, and your standard sleek updo will probably fit the bill perfectly. But if you want to incorporate some play into the equation (like if you're going from a fancy dinner to the club), consider leaving out a few loose tendrils for some visual interest.

Sometimes you want to leave your hair down while mitigating the chances of it getting caught up in your dinner that night. When that's the case, leave most of your hair down while pinning back just the sides. Give the rest of your hair some long, loose waves for an elegant style that will also guarantee a mess-free (and stunning!) dinner time.

Maybe you're not much of a statement gal, but you find yourself frequently drawn to small touches of elegance here and there. If this sounds like you, find a single statement barrette and use it to pin back a small section of your hair. It won't be too eye-catching, but we bet your date will compliment you on it once it gets noticed.

If you consider yourself a harbinger of the recent maximalism trend, why not use your next date night as an opportunity to show off the scores of barrettes in your collection? We love the stacked barrette look worn on down hair, but you could also stack barrettes further back on your head to keep your hair out of your face if you need.

For those of us with ultra-long hair, finding an updo that will stay secure during a night out without putting too much weight on your head can be challenging. In this case, pull back your hair into a single long, sleek braid. It's stunning as anything, and as a bonus, it'll keep your hair out of anything on your agenda during the night.

When you want a fun, flirty hairdo for a daytime or slightly more active date, you really can't go wrong with the half-updo. To achieve this look, simply pull half of your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head and leave the rest down.

If you're sporting a head full of natural curls, show them off. We think you should leave your hair down as its own statement piece, but when you want to make sure it stays out of your face, slick back the front portion and secure it with an elastic band to give yourself a big, gorgeous puff.

This elegant twisted half-up style is a slightly less playful take on the half-updo ponytail. To achieve this hairdo, pull back a couple of small sections from the front of your head and secure them together with a small elastic in the back. Then, flip the mini-ponytail over and through itself a couple of times to get the twisted look.

Yes, claw clips are back, and yes, we love styling them for date nights. An elegant jeweled claw clip is a simple solution to help you keep your hair back during a fun night out. You can use it to secure half your hair back or use it to twist your hair back into an updo.

Those who are braid-savvy would probably enjoy playing around with different braided styles to get an intricate alternative braid. We're partial to the combination of standard and fishtail braids above, but you could also incorporate French and Dutch braids into the mix, too.

We're all fans of the classic messy bun, but most of the time, a date night will call for a slightly more sophisticated style. Enter: the slicked-back bun. The key to achieving this hairstyle is to make sure all your strands are secured to your head (gel or hairspray are good tools to use to this end). Then, you'll want to gather your locks into a tight, neat bun on top of your head.

If you need a good date night hairstyle for your braids, we think the half-updo is an excellent option. It can keep your braids out of your face while still showing them off. Secure them in a ponytail to the top of your head with a simple elastic, or use a scrunchie if your date night calls for playful vibes.

We get it — sometimes, you just need to look cute as a button on your date night. When cutesy vibes are what you're going for, there may be no style better than the double pigtail. Upgrade this classic hairdo by opting for a couple of mini pigtails high up on your head.

If you're sporting straight hair, a great and easy way to upgrade it for your next date night is by adding in some texture. Use a large-barrel curling wand and maybe even some texturing spray to give your hair some beachy waves; then, wear them down or sweep them back with a headband, depending on how you'll be spending the evening.

Remember the classic sock bun of the 2010s that absolutely everyone was obsessed with? We say, bring it back — after all, it was a great way to style thin hair into a sleek doughnut-shaped bun. Secure it to your head with a no-frills elastic for the classic look, or update it with a decorative scrunchie to give it modern vibes.

If your next date night is going to be at a wedding or other similar elegant, upscale event, we think you should make a statement with a classic braid by turning it into a low bun. This updo will keep your hair comfortably away from your face while also looking elegant; however, we love that it's understated enough for a casual date night, too.

Accessories really can glam up about any look, and we're not just talking about earrings and handbags — hair accessories can completely transform your standard updo. To that end, why not add a big bow to your hair the next time you go on a date night? You could use it to accent a high bun or to secure a ponytail or braid, but however you do it, it'll definitely take your updo to the next level.

At first glance, the low ponytail may seem like too simple an option for date night, but you can easily upgrade it with a few simple steps. First, when you pull your hair back into a low pony, make sure to slick your hair back so you're not sporting any flyaways. Then, leave a tendril or two down in front of your ears (or at the front of your head) for some visual interest. Finish off the look by showing off a pair of statement earrings.

If you want a low pony but don't love how your hair looks gathered at the back of your head, simply bring your low pony to the side. A side ponytail can be a surprisingly great option for a date night, and if you're worried about not looking elegant enough, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic you use to achieve the wrapped ponytail look.

In case you missed it, major volume and curls are in, and if that's your style, we see no reason to deviate from the norm. The next time you go out on a date night, feel free to leave your curls down so they can make a statement on their own.

If you'll be spending your date evening walking around outside or think you may be otherwise exposed to the elements, wear a hat the next time you go out. Give your hair some long, loose waves to wear under your hat, and make sure your hat sits light enough on your head that you won't have hat hair if you decide to take it off at some point during your date.

Sometimes all you need to get a great head of casual date night hair is an elegant accessory, and we think a braided headband is a great option if this is what you're going for. You can wear it over your hair (as in the above photo) or use it to sweep some hair out of your face.

Of course, there's an endless variety of headbands on the market right now, and we're loving to see elaborate and elegant pieces worn on fancier date nights. If you choose to sweep your hair back with an elegant headband like the one pictured above, we recommend keeping the rest of your accessories minimal so the headband can be your clear statement piece.

If you want to create the illusion of volume for your next date night hairstyle, texture and layers can help a ton. Use a large-barrel curling wand to give your hair big, voluminous waves, and if you're not sporting layers, you can create some by pulling half of your hair up into a high, wrapped ponytail.

Another playful option for any date night is a double-braid hairstyle. You could show off your braiding skills by doing this with a standard braid, of course, but if you want a slightly edgier, updated look, opt for a double fishtail braid like in the photo above. We love using this style to secure our hair on more active date nights.

If you're currently sporting a braided hairstyle and are reluctant to change it up just for a date night, don't. Wear your braids proudly, and for that extra oomph, add some decorative jewelry into the mix, like the subtle gold pieces pictured in the photo above.

Maybe you have a head full of thick, voluminous, beautiful braids, and you're looking for a fun date night hairstyle option. When that's the case, pull some of your braids up into a high top knot on the top of your head.

Need to add some edge to your vibes on your next date night? Leave most of your big, bouncy curls down, but pin them back on one side of your head. This will let your date know that you can definitely mean business, but you're also down for a good time when the mood strikes.

We're a bit obsessed with scrunchie hairstyles right now, and one of our favorites to wear on the chillest of chill date nights is a messy bun in a scrunchie. This playful style looks just as good when curled up on the couch as it does at a movie.

If the half ponytail is a bit too casual for your next date night, upgrade it a little by incorporating some braids into the mix. Pull some of your hair back into a thick, loose braid to add some visual interest to the half-up style, and secure it with a velvet scrunchie for extra elegant vibes.