15 Best Hair Clips and Barrettes to Wear in 2022
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15 Best Hair Clips and Barrettes to Wear in 2022

Jun 05, 2023

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They're! So! Cute!

Alright, I’m about to let you in on a little secret: On the days when I can’t even fathom putting together a presentable hairstyle (when I’m feeling lazy, lazy), I fake it with a hair clip. Seriously, all you need is a cute claw clip or a sleek little barrette to take your most boring, blah hairstyles to the next level. And trust me when I say, I've had this hair trick up my sleeve before they became cool again. (Flex!)

I’m talking half-up buns, sleek ponytails, beach waves—I mean, the right hair clip can elevate any look. And to prove it to you, I searched far and wide to find the prettiest, most wearable hair clips and barrettes right now. Don’t blame me when you accidentally buy them all, promise? Below, you'll find a sneak peek of the content ahead, and keep scrolling for the rest of the list complete with reviews and the low-down on each one.

Now for the rest of the coolest, prettiest hair clips and barrettes of the year—and, yes, they're all super easy to wear. Shop them all, ahead.

Claw clips and hair barrettes have made a comeback as this year's newest hair trend, but you know what else is having a resurgence??? French hair pins, people, and I, for one, am absolutely jumping on board. (I just need to figure out how to get it to stay in place first!)

THE REVIEW: "I stumbled upon hair pins because of course like everyone reading these reviews, TikTok, wanting to try something different for my long wavy hair, and I gave this pin a try. With a few tries, I got it and it held up my hair wonderfully," one reviewer writes.

The worst part about most super cute claw clips is that they don't do their damn job. As in stay in my hair, as in...all day long. But you won't have to worry about that with any of the Emi Jay clips due to their super sturdy and large design that'll hold even the thickest of hair from day to night. Plus, I mean how freakin' cute are the adorned stars?!!

THE REVIEWS: "Amazing quality for a hair clip. So cute. I love the sparkles and colors. Will definitely be purchasing more," writes one tester. "This Big Effing Clip put a big effing smile on my face!" writes another.

Do you feel kinda meh about tie-dye? Ease your way into the '70s vibe with this cute little hair clip—tack it on top of a sleek bun or use it to spice up a half-up half-down hairstyle.

THE REVIEW: "I got this hair clip because my hair is always up and I like to have a variety of cute designs. I was hesitant at first because it's pretty tiny compared to what my hair—long, wavy, medium thickness—can hold. When I got it I did my usual test of putting it in a high bun and securing it with the clip. It took a few seconds to rearrange the clip but it held!" one tester writes.

Until recently, I couldn't look at claw clips without thinking of my mom (whose hair is forever in a messy, claw-clipped bun). The modern versions are super updated though, and these fun-colored hair clips are proof.

THE REVIEW: "Hands down the best clips. Great size, adheres well to hair, and includes beautiful colors. I have thin, wavy hair that is a pain to keep up well. It slides out of ponytails and clips easily unless tightly clasped...they’re so good at their job," writes one customer.

The thin marble design on these hair slides make them the perfect addition to any of your lowkey looks (flat-iron waves, anyone?). Bonus: A very reasonable $9 scores you a pack of four clips, so they're kinda an epic deal.

THE REVIEW: "These are so well made and hold my curly hair very well! I normally have to use multiple regular bobby pins to keep one side of my hair back, but with these, I just need one!" one review reads.

Hair clips aren't always just about aesthetics, FYI. These separating clips from Kitsch make blow-drying your hair 100 times easier (and you don't have to worry about creating any annoying dents or creases in the process—which, score).

THE REVIEW: "I'm not exaggerating when I say these are the best styling clips I have ever purchased. I first bought them cause I love the color rose gold, but I've had these for several months and use them every morning and every other night to keep my hair up in the shower and they look just like new! Trust me, you won't be disappointed with these—they grip very well and even work on my thick, coarse hair!" one happy customer writes.

This one might look like your average hair clip at first glance, but it's got a slightly wavy design that adds the perfect amount of excitement. You can pick from five ~chic~ colors, but I'm personally obsessed with Alba, the pearly white pictured here. I mean, just imagine this clip styled with soft beach waves.

THE REVIEW: "I love this hair clip. It is Ridiculously expensive, however, I have NEVER had a clip that works ALL day long. I put my hair up in the morning and take it out before going to bed. It's very comfortable, with no wobbling, sliding, or hair pulling. I love this so much I have bought a second in another color," reads one review.

Here's the thing: My aesthetic is usually all-black everything, but I can't deny how freaking cute these glittery hair clips are (especially 'cause they add an extra something to my boring, emo wardrobe). Catch me pairing these barrettes with a middle-parted lob and a smokey eye on Friday night.

THE REVIEW: I own a pair of these hair clips from this brand and I love how you can be pin them anywhere! Think: Your hair, your jacket, your bag, and so on and so forth!

Okay, fine: These hair clips aren't really for function, but who TF cares when they look this cute? Go for a full '90s hairstyle by clipping a handful throughout your hair, or keep it office-friendly with a single butterfly.

THE REVIEW: "These are pretty sturdy and you get a nice assortment of colors. We used them for a '90s throwback party and everyone who used them seemed to like them. None of them arrived damaged and the container is sturdy enough to hold the clips after opening them," one customer writes.

You can't really go wrong with these clean and simple hair clips. $6 will get you a nice variety of neutral colors (so, yeah, they're pretty much a steal). I personally plan on wearing these barrettes with copper eyeshadow.

THE REVIEW: "Really happy I bought these. They're a nice large size, which is what I was hoping for. They'll be perfect for clipping up my hair for half-up styles," one review reads.

TBH, my hair is too thin and slippery to actually stay put with a claw clip, which is why I've gotten pretty good at faking it. I like to tie my hair into a high ponytail with an elastic, twist the ponytail into a bun, and then tack it down with the clip. Easy, right?

THE REVIEW: "I’ve been buying this hair clip for years. I have long, fine hair, which many clips won’t hold, but this one sits very securely. It is very sturdy, and I usually own 3-4 at a time. Eventually, they all break, but these last for years, so they are worth the price. Love them," reads one review.

There's just something so pretty and effortless about a metal hair clip, and these mini barrettes are certainly no exception. Like, how perfect would these look in a half-up bun (aka the best day-three hairstyle)?

THE REVIEW: "Exactly what I was looking for in a hair claw. I've shared this product with friends and family, and encouraged them to replace their plastic claws when they eventually break. Perfection!" one tester writes.

Feeling fancy as f*ck? Throw on these crystal barrettes to take things to the next level (I'm thinking lots of highlighter, a glossy lip, and jet-black mascara).

THE REVIEW: "I was using plain bobby pins to pull back my hair, but I wanted something a little more put together. These clips are super cute, and they stay in my hair really well. I have thick hair, and I’ve only used them for a small section of hair. I wouldn’t expect them to hold a large section," one review reads.

Prepare to be the coolest person at work when you snap on these acrylic barrettes. I'm personally a fan of the pink option (like, how pretty is that color?), but you can't really go wrong with the tortoise either.

THE REVIEW: "I had my hair pinned back all day and the clip didn’t slide out of place or tug on my hair at all! I should add here that I had no hairspray or other clips holding my hair in place. They are all so pretty and exactly what I wanted, I’d recommend them to anyone," one reviewer writes.

When in doubt, style your hair with one of these classic black hair clips. They've still got the cool, trendy factor but they don't feel the slightest bit excessive. Try wearing them with a smooth and sleek hairstyle for a 10/10 look.

THE REVIEW: "The color blends perfectly with my medium brown hair. I use them to hold up the little hairs that fall down on the back of my head when I have my hair in a ponytail," one tester writes.

Siena Gagliano is a contributing beauty editor at Cosmopolitan and has two years of experience writing about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle news. She’s an expert at researching and writing hair stories, like the best boar bristle brushes and the best makeup bags for traveling, and feels especially knowledgeable in hair barrettes and clips thanks to trying out a million of them on her long, dense hair. She regularly tests and analyzes hair barrettes and clips, while working with the industry’s top hairstylists to assess new products and brands.

Ruby Buddemeyer was the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan for nearly three years and has five years of experience writing about beauty, fashion, and celebrity news across print and digital, including the best round brushes on the market, and how to get beachy waves. Her hair barrette and clip picks were based on product reviews, ratings, and hairstylist recommendations.

Siena Gagliano is the associate editor at Cosmopolitan, where she primarily covers beauty in the makeup, skin, and hair spaces, as well as some fashion and lifestyle. Wanna know how to get the best brows of your life? Gotchu. What about how to achieve ridiculously glowing skin, a super bouncy blowout, or exactly how to use that viral face mask? Check, check, and check. Before joining Cosmopolitan, Siena was a writer at Bustle and several other media outlets. As NYC's newest resident, she has vowed to find the best (extra) dirty martini this city has to offer—and yes, that means ~attempting~ to try every cute cocktail spot in the city (hit her up with some recs, pls). Follow Siena on Instagram where you'll see that her account is mostly dedicated to pics of her cute dog and that magazine life.

Ruby was the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covered beauty across print and digital. Her work has appeared on The Zoe Report, Fashionista, and StyleCaster. Follow her on Instagram.

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